May 9, 2015 – 70 years since the victory in the Great Patriotic War

In honor of the holidays, I decided to make a post about my relatives who took part in the Great Patriotic War:

– My great-grandfather Kartsev Vasily Nikitovich (1924 – 1994)


Guard corporal, telephone operator, 289 Mortar Novosokolniki Regiment of the 13th Separate Mortar of the Riga Red Banner Brigade of the RGC.

Was awarded:

07/25/1944 – medal “For Courage”

10/06/1945 – medal “For Courage”

My cousin grandmother Amosova Serafima Tarasovna (1914 – 1992)


46th Guards Night Bomber Aviation Regiment, Deputy Commander of the 46th Taman Guards Night Bomber Regiment for the flight.

Was awarded:

Order of the Red Banner (Order to the troops of the Transcaucasian Front No. 05 / N of September 9, 1942)

Order of the Red Star (Order of the 4th Air Army No. 036 / N of May 2, 1943)

Order of the Patriotic War II degree (Order of the 4th Air Army No. 089 / N of October 30, 1943)

Order of Alexander Nevsky (Order of the 4th Air Army No. 013 / N of April 26, 1944)

Order of the Red Banner (1945)

Medal “For the Defense of the Caucasus” (1944)

The film “Night Witches” describes her combat activities:

The “night witches” were called the fearless Soviet pilots by the Nazis. They fought on the “night” PO-2 bombers. For girls, this nickname was the highest assessment of their contribution to victory.