Study/work projects

Mixed media artworks


“I can not”






Highs and Lows cross-media project


Instagram post 1


Instagram post 2




Project logotype



Internship at Monster Media (short fragments from full videos, the task was to make my own version of existing video)

Wow video

Vichy video

Dabble app video

Introduction to digital marketing course

Wireframe and a landing page for the marketing campaign


Google ad


Photography and photo editing 

City photography






















Nature photography














BOB GALA red carpet photos 




Project “Cartune”

Image for the instagram grid

Instagram logotype


Poster for the project

Poster for the event

Images for the video

Car community lexicon








Moodboard for the project


Instagram story templates


Computer graphics course:




Camera work course:

Street photo

Free topic photo

Still life


Personal project for the Camera Work course (OC music and visual content)

Dentistry “Blesk”:


Images for dentistry “Blesk” VK group:




Image for dentistry “Blesk” VK group on the topic of autumn:




Image for dentistry “Blesk” VK group on the topic of article:




Infographic image for dentistry “Blesk” on the topic of article: “How to brush your teeth?”:






Vector images for M5stack Russian website for a Chinese celebration, Halloween and New Year:




Infographic images for M5Stack vk group:




Advertisement images for M5Stack products:





An image for M5Stack VK group:




A series of images for M5Stack VK group for their communities from different cities:




An image for M5Stack VK group:




Advertisement image for M5Stack new device:




An image for M5Stack, showing compounds of M5 Basic:




Advertisement image for M5Stack:




Infographic image for M5Stack habr article:




Advertisement image for Russian M5Stack YouTube channel:




Advertisement image for M5Stack’s new device – StickV:




Advertisement image for M5Stack’s toy dragonfly application:




Advertisement image for M5Stack’s Russian website: