I am applying for “Crossmedia” bachelor program at Tallinn University. Currently, I am finishing school. Over the course of it, I enrolled in various projects connected with this specialty, which significantly improved my skills and made me certain about my future career as a graphic designer.

To be honest, I have always been enthusiastic about drawing, writing poems and animating. However, this interest began to truly unravel after finishing a series of online courses by California Institute of Arts dedicated to graphic design and creative thinking. This course guided me through various aspects of brand making and advertising. At the end of it, I made a concept of my fictional brand.

In addition, I enjoy trying something new. In 2019, I won a trip to the All-Russian Children Center “Orlyonok” on the Worldskills program. My competence was “3d Modeling of Computer Games”. Despite these courses being quite complicated at some parts, they improved my spatial thinking and gave me the chance to try myself in game industry. Eventually, I won the second place at the professional championship that was held there. Also, I became familiar with Autodesk and Adobe software. These skills later helped me in creating a prototype in Figma for the educational game where drawing skills and learning art history are combined in the Winter School of Tallinn University.

Moreover, I have work experience as a freelance artist and designer. You can view my works at the “Portfolio” page. I have been an artist and logotype designer for M5stack, Center of Intercity Communication (ЦМС) and dental center “Blesk” for 2 years. This brought me knowledge about client-worker relationship and made me aware of modern trends in media, which I think is a positive aspect in both studying and career.

Graphic design is a language of communication, which all people know and recognize. This is why I want to know how to “speak” it fluently. Previously, I learned this “language” by myself, but now it is time to develop my knowledge and competence further. I think that by choosing this specialty I will have a chance to learn considering contemporary trends and fulfilling my desire to work on a worldwide level. My potential combined with this program will help me to get acquainted with professional environment and to build a successful career in the future.