• CITY PHOTOGRAPHY (2022-2023)

    CITY PHOTOGRAPHY (2022-2023)

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  • NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY (2021-2023)

    NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY (2021-2023)

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  • HAPPY/SAD (collage, 2023)

    HAPPY/SAD (collage, 2023)

    A showcase of a person who has a problem of emotional inconsistency. One is happy in sad places, while experiences sadness in a cheerful environment, while also being bad with actually expressing emotions.

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  • I CAN NOT (mixed media, 2023)

    I CAN NOT (mixed media, 2023)

    This dyptich was made as an attempt to replicate a photograph (with other visual content I have made before), I took merely with a purpose of showing my location to the person I was texting to. This photograph is not appealing in any way, neither it has any artistic value, but what took place at […]

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  • TRASHCAN THOUGHTS (mixed media, 2023)

    TRASHCAN THOUGHTS (mixed media, 2023)

    This is a mixed media artwork tryptich about the thoughts which many people would suppose do belong to the trahcan, since they are too unacceptable or too hard to conceptualize into words, so it is better to just throw them out.

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