I took part in a course by CalArts called “Brand New Brand” in 2019. I have learned a lot about branding and how to make one. I have received a diploma for successfully completing this course. Throughout the course I have made a concept of a coffee shop called “Strawberry Castle”. You can see all the details below.

My start up is a coffee shop that sells ice cream with different flavours.

Every company has its own history. Here’s mine:

There was a young man named Karl from UK, who lived in a countryside, in a farmer’s family. He was very interested in cooking, so he always helped his mother with it. His parents brougnt him some ice-cream as a present.

When he first tried it, he was amazed by its taste. Karl wanted to make ice cream for all of his friends and family ever since. When he grew up, he still had a dream of opening an ice cream cafe, though he was working at a factory. When Karl realized that factory work isn’t for him, he quitted everything and opened an ice cream cafe in 1955. He used many delicious flavors and only natural products.

At first, it was a small cafe where Karl cooked with his friends, but as the time passed people started noticing his talent in making ice cream. Soon, it became a cafe chain spread all over the United Kingdom. Now it’s a chain of a small cafes where you can have nice talk with your friends, eat a delicious ice cream and enjoy the views of a London’s street.

Then I made a brainstorming map with associations.

I came up with 3 naming options:

  1. Cream N’Berries
  2. Strawberry Castle
  3. Delicious Summer

Key qualities of this coffee shop chain:

  1. Delicious
  2. Old-fashoined
  3. Natural

Then, I did some research for historical and contemporary references:

After it, I have chosen a font for my logo

And started developing a logotype

Here is my final logotype:

Here is a color palette and an icon for my brand:

Then, I have chosen secondary typefaces and imagery:

Here’s a poster for my brand:

And a “Secret ingridient” which makes a brand unique:

Brand application(merch, ice-cream van, waiters’ uniforms and packaging):